Principles of Operational Quality Assurance

General settings
1.1 Complok OÜ (hereinafter Complok) organizes training for adults.
1.2 Complok bases its activities on the Adult Education Act.
1.3 Traning takes place in premises suitable for studies. In-house training is conducted in the premises of the training client or in rented premises.
1.4 Training place throughout the year. The training takes place according to the training calendar.
1.5 The volume of training is calculated in hours.
1.6 The training takes place as a group training or through the Complok Learning e-learning platform. In the case of individual training, the training may be conducted on the basis of an individual curriculum based on the needs of the learner.
1.7 Training is in Estonian or in English.
1.8 The training takes place according to the training schedule, which can be found on the training sub-page on the Complok website.
1.9 Complok is not responsible for the health condition of the participants and possible injuries.

Quality assurance for trainers
2.1 Training is provided by recognized lecturers in their field and by top professionals with theoretical and practical professional competence.
2.2 Lecturers are regularly involved in the process of enhancing the training.  
2.3 Complok is not responsible for any damage caused to the participant due to the lecturer's presentation skills.
2.4 Complok assesses the lecturer's qualifications and suitability on the basis of his / her professional education and practical experience on the basis of publicly available information sent by the lecturer.

Basics of curriculum quality assurance
3.1. Curriculas are compiled based on the needs of customers. Curriculas are subject to change according to the needs of customers.
3.2 Feedback on training is taken into account when designing curriculas.
3.3 Modern methods are used in the teaching and the needs and level of the training group are taken into account when designing training. 3.4 In order to complete the Complok training and receive a certificate, it is necessary to participate in training full-time and pass a knowledge test.
3.5 Additional information included in Complok public training curricula:
- the name of the curriculum;
- learning outcomes;
- the preconditions to starting studies, if they are any;
- total study volume,learning content;
- description of the learning environment;
- a list of study materials, if study materials are provided for passing the curriculum;
- conditions for finishing the training  and certificates to be issued;
- a description of the qualifications, study or work experience of the lecturer.

Quality of the learning environment
4.1 Complok training takes place in training rooms that meet modern requirements.4.2 In the case of physical training, Complok will provide electronic training materials to any registered participant who has paid an invoice for the training.4.3 Participants can use the Internet in the training rooms.
4.5 The study rooms are equipped with modern training equipment
4.6 The sizes of Complok training groups vary.​

Customer communication
5.1 The language of customer service is Estonian and English.
5.2 Contact details for Complok are on the website.
5.4 In case of questions or complaints, please contact Complok either by phone +372 5554 5709 or by e-mail

Procedure for collecting training feedback
6.1 Complok may ask participants for feedback of the training, the lecturer and the content of the training. Participants can make suggestions for improving the quality of the training. After the training, Complok also asks for feedback from the trainers.
6.2 When asking for feedback, evaluation scales are used, as well as open-ended questions to evaluate different levels
6.3 According to the feedback, improvements will be made to improve the quality of future curricula, trainers and learning arrangements.

Payment for training
7.1 The training can be paid by invoice and an invoice will be sent to the customer's email address, which the customer undertakes to pay by the deadline indicated in the invoice and to the current account;
7.2 Before payment, the customer shall check that the training, participants and prices reflected in the invoice correspond to his / her actual wishes.
7.3 The fee is expressed in euros and includes VAT.
7.4 Complok will send the customer an email with the order confirmation regarding the payment of the order. If there are errors in the order confirmation (unwanted training, wrong participants, etc.), the customer is obliged to contact Complok immediately at +372 5554 5709 or at the e-mail address

Payment options and refunds
8.1 The order can be paid by bank transfer.
8.2 All returns made by Complok to the customer shall be made to the same current account of the customer from which the invoice was paid.​

Right of withdrawal
9.1 Withdrawal from the order is possible up to 15 calendar days before the training (100% fee will be refunded to the customer).
9.2 In order to withdraw from the order, the customer shall submit a request to Complok by e-mail ( stating the name and date of the training and the name of the participant from which he wishes to withdraw. Clause 9.1 becomes invalid, ie the participation fee will not be refunded in case of force majeure, if the training is not possible due to force majeure.  

Privacy policy, processing of personal data
10.1 The Complok Terms of Use and Privacy Policy can be found on our website.

Dispute settlement procedure
11.1 Disagreements or disputes between Complok and a participant or trainer shall be resolved by the parties, in particular through negotiations. If a consensus is not reached in the disputes that have arisen through negotiations, the dispute shall be settled pursuant to Estonian law.