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AML training is mandatory by law and financial institutions might be imposed a fine if they don’t train their employees regularly. Our e-learning courses are created by compliance experts and it is our mission to make the journey through AML rules and regulations smooth and enjoyable.


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Money Laundering is the process of disguising the origin of funds gained from illegal activities. It is a cross-border problem, companies, regulators, and law enforcement agencies around the world need to take a global approach to control the risks effectively. The scale of money laundering is difficult to assess, but it is considered to be significant. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime estimates that between 2 and 5% of global GDP is laundered each year. Therefore, the knowledge and awareness of AML are crucial for the employees of the financial sector. 

Our team is on a mission to increase compliance awareness by leveling up corporate e-learning. 


The courses are designed to help those who work in regulated financial sectors and desire to enhance their knowledge of the process of money laundering and the laws that make it a crime. Materials of the e-learning courses are based on international standards: The Financial Action Task Force, Wolfsberg Group, EU directives and regulations. 



AML Fundamentals Course

​​Duration of the course is 1 h. The course is followed by a knowledge test.
After passing the knowledge test, participants will receive a certificate.

PART I : Risk Governance 


Risk management
Effective AML program
AML compliance officer's duties, obligations, and rights
Risk assessment
Risk appetite
Money laundering prevention in practice

PART II : Industry Standards 


Regulation hierarchy
Relevant laws and regulations
AML directives

PART IV : Financial Crime


Stages of money laundering
Terrorism financing
Suspicion of money laundering

PART V : High Risk Indicators 


Suspicious activity
Suspicious transaction
High risk countries and territories
High risk indicators
Non-transparent transactions

PART III : Know Your Customer


Collectable data
Politically exposed person
Beneficial owner
Source of wealth and source of funds
Customer due diligence

AML Advanced Course

This training is designed for financial institutions' employees who want to become AML compliance officers.

It consists of 8 modules; you can purchase them separately if you'd like to focus on specific parts or go through the entire course to take your compliance knowledge to the next level. The duration of the comprehensive training course is 50 academic hours and consists of 8 modules on a digital learning platform, 2 individual home assignments, 2 live Q&A sessions, and a final exam.

The course helps to understand the AML program, compliance officer duties, legal environment, KYC program, risk assessment requirements and much more.

Access it whenever it's the best time for you and go through it at your own pace. Complok's digital learning platform makes learning about AML smooth and enjoyable. 


Lecturers and Content Creators


AML, KYC, CTF Expert

Fintech Legal ExpertBlockchain and Crypto

AML ExpertAML transaction monitoring

​Our team of experts have extensive experience in combating money laundering while Estonia was hit by the biggest money laundering scandals in Europe.


Starting with the e-learning courses is easy and you can do it at a time and place suitable for you. It is also a convenient solution for training a large number of employees simultaneously.


Capability to deliver training to an unlimited number of employees
Live overview of all participants and statistics
No fast-forwarding or skipping chapters
Quizzes in between chapters
Knowledge test with your chosen minimum passing percentage
White-labeling possibility
Easy to track reporting and analytics
Live overview of all participants and statistics

Possibility to interface with financial institution’s own software
Multilingual support
Online certification that complies with industry standards
Mobile friendly training
Role-based user rights with notifications and reminders for
employees, HR personnel and content creators.

About Platform


The Story of Complok


While working on leading positions in several banks during the biggest money-laundering scandals that hit Estonia, Mari-Liis discovered that the financial market lacks AML and compliance proficiency. So, she established Complok with a mission to increase compliance awareness all over Europe.

Soon she had a team of experts by her side, ready to provide consultancy and training on all AML topics. As the financial institutions from multiple jurisdictions were lining up to receive high-quality training, the market demand for a new provider was proven.

However, the COVID-19 changed the social interaction dynamics, and Complok moved the courses online. Zoom was an obvious choice but soon displayed its deficiencies – frequent problems with internet quality, time zone differences, training process tracking problems, too generous certification handouts, etc. Technical limitations killed the substance.

As a next step, Mari-Liis partnered up with her cousin, Maarja-Liisa Soe, to create fully online courses using an external e-learning platform. After the production and delivery of the firsts courses, it turned out that conventional e-learning platforms don't have what it takes to meet financial sector needs in a cost-effective way.

Logically, the idea of building an entirely new digital ecosystem for financial sector training emerged, and the two strong women gathered a team to test the waters. Endless discussions lead to the decision to create the best All-In-One Digital AML training centre in the World!

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Mari-Liis Kurg

Founder | LinkedIn
+372 5559 0339

Maarja-Liisa Soe

Founder | LinkedIn
+372 5554 5709

AML Certified Clients Feedback

"Complok training provided valuable insights for those who already have experience in AML/KYC and for those who are taking their first steps in the field. Great option to consolidate the knowledge of the employees!"


Olympic Entertainment Group

“Loved that the courses are straight to the point and there are courses for any skill set and level of AML obligation. The courses are interactive, showing graphs, flowcharts, and important bullet points - it is not just one long lecture with a bunch of text on the screen. Even though we are in the business of AML ourselves, we at Vespia still brushed up on some old knowledge, learned the latest information regarding directives and the course really gave us some ideas on how to improve our own product. The quizzes and tests helped us remember the most important details from the course."



"Your digital AML  course was very user friendly."


Alphabet Capital

"The course was thorough and very well completed. The range of topics was wide enough, but everything was relevant and expertly presented. I liked that there was enough time to delve into the topics and the course took place by the end of the week and with a sufficient interval to process the information."

"I finished the training and I learned a lot. Complok offers perfect e-learning training for the whole team. All the information about "AML and CFT is just a few clicks away."



"I want to thank you for a great experience through this AML course.

This course was very useful for me, I enjoyed how broad yet thorough it was. The acquired knowledge has already come in handy, and it provided a very good and solid foundation for my further studies. I'm grateful for the way you  share your knowledge with me and explaining very complex concepts, including useful examples and linking the learning to my specific field of work. I especially liked the addition of an online course where I could learn and practice things, and a large number of additional resources and links that are useful."



"It is a pleasure to share that from those who completed the course, rather positive feedback and information that it was still useful!"



"Very good training and I sincerely recommend it to others!"


Citadele Bank

"The training was clear and concise."

"The course fully met expectations, and the trainer handled the training perfectly and professionally! Big thanks!"

"Excellent approach to a new client and user experience. A very well-thought-out training program, so that starting from the beginning, you can move quickly to an advanced level. We would definitely recommend it to anyone dealing with financial services or developing a FinTech business."



"The AML & CTF course by COMPLOK is a highly skillful approach to provide learners with the best practice in the sphere, up-to-date technologies, and methodology of continuous self-education in this field. If you are looking for a career path, you should definitely consider this extremely professional team as their customer attention and profound knowledge will guarantee you the utmost results and lore return on your investments."


Moneta Holdings


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