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Supercharge Your Compliance.
Accelerate Your Business.

Make faster decisions and spend less time on repetitive compliance work without hiring additional employees or consultants.

Complok is a risk assessment platform that liberates compliance teams from the grind of manual tasks.

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Get the most from your compliance team, reduce costs, and scale faster. All while staying ahead of risks.

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Get Rid of Spreadsheets & Save 80% of Your Time

Dynamic ​Risk Assessment

Identify, assess and manage Risks with an integrated risk rating matrix with our automated workflow.

Quality Assurance

Perform Effectiveness Testing to see if your controls are effective.

Painless Reporting

Generate Professional Reports with ease. Add or remove key risk indexes, and information fields & prioritize risk categories.

Predefined Library & Methodology

Library of categories, subcategories and key risk Indicators. + Add your own.

A Single Powerful Source of Truth

Overview of Risks & Scenario Statuses

Get a clear overview of your risk and scenario statuses in a customizable dashboard.

Progress & Updates

View your compliance teams’ progress and updates. Quickly continue tasks where you left off.


See notifications about to-dos, tasks, deadlines & team comments.

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Clarity & Peace of Mind

Secure Audit Trail

Rest easy with a secure Audit Trail. Time Stamp & Lock Risk Assessments, Reports & Documents.


See when and who made changes with User Logs and Change History.

Track Input & Output

See a clear record of business requests and compliance recommendations.

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You Don't Need to Reinvent the Wheel

Risk Appetite Statement

Clearly define threats & responses. Make updates accordingly.

Everything in One Place

Upload your procedures and internal documents to One Platform for easy access and collaboration. Create your own templates.

Document Templates

Use our industry-standard Document Templates (Policies & Procedures, AML/TF, Sanction Policy, Training Program etc.)

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Empowering Compliance Workflows

AI Assistant

Enable AI assistant for suggestions, error correction & quick summaries.

Team Management

Define user roles & tights (Read Only, User, Super User). Assign tasks, and scenarios and manage your team’s progress.

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Free AML Fundamentals Course & Certification

To ensure your team’s success, our top-rated AML course and the following certification will be included with your subscription.

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Get rid of spreadsheets and take your compliance to the next level!

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