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Supercharge Your Compliance.
Accelerate Your Business.

Make faster decisions and spend less time on repetitive compliance work without hiring additional employees or consultants.

Complok is an AI-driven SaaS solution that liberates compliance teams from the grind of manual tasks


Manage risks in an automated solution which is fully customizable

1. Set up Risk Assessment
  • Define Roles and Rights

  • Profile your main business activity: VASP, PSP, Lending Company, Investment Fund, Crowdfunding 

  • Divide risk assessment by Line of Defense

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2. Identify Risks
  • Library of key risk scenarios/indicators according to business profile

  • Possibility to add your own key risk indicators

3. Assess and Prioritize Risks
  • Risk Rating Matrix for Inherent and Residual Risk

  • Add business statistics and attachments 

  • Assign risk owner

  • Comment Risk Tolerance and Trend

  • Agree treatment actions and monitoring plan

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4. Generate Reports
  • Generate annual and quarterly management risk reports

  • Generate reports based on risk scoring and risk type

  • Reports are locked for editing and cannot be manipulated retrospectively  

  • Write an executive summary

5. Treat and Monitor risks
  • Keep a clear action plan to mitigate the risks 

  • Assign responsibility and set deadlines 

  • Extract overview for management report

Risk Assessment has never been easier!

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