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AML Premium Training
By Mari-Liis Kurg
€899 + VAT
Customized offer available for teams.
Duration: 2 weeks
Level: Any
Language: English
Available: On demand
A comprehensive training course containing 8 parts, dedicated for AML compliance officers, specialists or board members who would like to gain in depth knowledge and take their AML defences to the next level.
The course consists of 8 modules on our digital learning platform, 2 individual home assignments, live Q&A session, and a final exam.

Module 1: Culture of Compliance and AML program: compliance background, AML program, business risk assessment, risk appetite statement, non-financial risks, customer risk assessment, customer verification, AML compliance officer duties and responsibilities, the culture of compliance, 3LoD, IT tools

- Module 2: Legal Environment: hierarchy, FATF, EU and local laws, standards, regulations, AMLA, supervisory body guidelines, internal policies and procedures

- Module 3: KYC Program: due diligence, enhanced due diligence, customer risk assessment, transaction screening, ongoing transaction and customer monitoring, specifics of PEPs and UBOs, source of wealth and funds, high-risk indicators

Module 4: Data Requirements: storage requirements, data collection, GDPR requirements, data repository, data quality

- Live Q&A session & 1st Home Assignment

Module 5: Financial Crime and Sanctions: money laundering, predicate crime, terrorism financing, history of fighting financial crime, international sanctions, sanctioned countries, terrorism financing, terrorist organizations and attacks, crypto crimes

- Module 6: Different types of virtual assets, recent changes in the law, reporting and supervisory: Blockchain structure and features, virtual assets, MiCA, AML Law, supervisory body (FSA, FIU, EBA, AMLA), SARs

- Module 7: Risk Management: 3LoD, business risk assessment, AML risk assessment, risk appetite statement, product risk assessment, geographical risk assessment

- Module 8: Practical Workshop and Case Studies: what went wrong, biggest ML cases analysis, we will learn how to prepare a risk appetite statement, risk assessment, product risk assessment, operational risks, geographical risk

- 2nd Home Assignment

- 1 on 1 Final EXAM
All participants will receive official certification given after passing 2 home assignments & a final exam.