Our Vision is to help you with anti-money laundering, counter-terrorism financing, and financial crime prevention by sharing our knowledge and experience. We believe that training is a key element for increasing compliance awareness. We at Complok connect like-minded people, who follow the same ethical values and are driven to create a workplace that is like a learning hub.

Our Team



Founder, CEO
AML, KYC, transaction monitoring


Mari-Liis is a Financial Professional and Compliance Expert specialised in Financial Crime Prevention. With over 15 years of experience in the heavily regulated financial sector, she is a recognized expert in Anti-Money Laundering, Know Your Customer, Combating Financing of Terrorism, and economic sanctions compliance. She has counselled clients in a variety of projects and managed gap analyses, compliance program reviews, risk assessments, remediation efforts, investigations, and historical transaction reviews. Her client base includes large, complex, global financial institutions, global payments institutions, medium-sized banks, Fintech and digital assets companies, casinos, and multinational corporations. Mari-Liis has held interim senior compliance leadership positions at several regional Financial Institutions providing day-to-day management of their compliance programs and assisting them with remediation efforts, often in the context of a regulatory or criminal enforcement action.



Head of External Affairs
Marketing and communication


Maarja-Liisa is an expert on communication management, international relations and liaisons. She has been working for the Government Office of Estonia as a Head of Program when Estonia celebrated its centenary. The celebration program lasted almost three years and brought together around 5000 different projects and events. Successful leading of the nation-wide project from ideation to executions brought a high-level recognition -  she is the youngest Estonian prized with an Orden of the White Star by the President of the Republic of Estonia. Starting from 2019 she became responsible for organising Tallinn Digital Summit - an event where the frontrunners of digital nations drive the global conversation on digitalisation. With a background of communication and public sector, in Complok she is responsible for leading External Affairs and Public Private Partnership.

Henri DSC_6272mv.jpg


AML Expert
AML transaction monitoring and  international financial sanctions


Henri is an AML expert specialised in KYC and Sanctions activities.   He is a recognized expert in customer enhanced due diligence/on boarding/off boarding and sanctions processes, having extensive experience from key roles in decision-making and customer portfolio analysis in the period of major AML-related de-risking of customer portfolio.  Henri held senior positions in Swedbank and has extensive knowledge on Data quality improvement and delivering Pan-Baltic solutions to increase cooperation. With a career of nearly 20 years in Swedbank Henri  held various senior positions, combining his competence in corporate business with extensive experience in Risk Management and KYC/AML, including being responsible for consulting and supporting corporate client executives and other employees on KYC/AML/Sanctions issues.



Fintech Legal Expert
Blockchain and Crypto


Marko is a recognized expert for implementing AML/KYC framework for virtual assets in a blockchain. He has been dealing extensively with labor policy in the Ministry of Social Affairs and thereon with tax policy in the Ministry of Finance. He spent couple of years in Belgium, where he worked shortly in the European Commission and then led the taxation working party during the Estonian Presidency of the Council of EU. In 2018, he left the public sector and joined a crypto oriented law firm Oblicity in Estonia. Marko has been advising different ICO, STO, alternative fund raising and investment fund projects. For the last year he has been building the Estonian first compliance incubator for crypto start-ups with a specific focus on KYC/AML requirements. Marko has a unique competence to mitigate restrictive blockchain technology with stringent KYC/AML regulations.



AML Expert
AML, KYC, international
financial sanctions


Riina is a financial crime prevention expert with 16 years of experience in the field of anti-money laundering (AML), counter-terrorism financing (CTF), know your customer (KYC), and international financial sanctions. She has worked in several financial institutions including Nordea Bank, LHV and Coop Bank, where she held various positions ranging from a specialist to a head of anti-money laundering compliance control. In these positions, Riina was responsible for money laundering risk assessment, risk appetite, policy and internal procedure manual preparation, and money laundering prevention. Riina possesses a wide range of skills. In addition to her legal training, she has also completed an adult educator training programme. She has trained and advised the financial services industry on anti-money laundering, international financial sanctions, counter terrorism financing and other compliance related subjects.



AML Expert


Merit is an expert in AML, GDPR, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance. Her nearly 15 years of experience spans many sectors of the financial industry including banking, insurance, leasing, online gaming, and crypto currency.

In her role as Chief Compliance Officer at several companies, Merit was responsible for continuously assessing, monitoring, and designing rules and procedures to protect the company in a world of rapidly changing regulations.  She served as the main interface between external regulatory bodies, such as the FSA, FIU, Data Protection Inspectorate, and the company’s Board of Directors and CEO. In her various positions, Merit has prepared extensive reporting to management of the risks facing the company and provided mitigating solutions. In addition, she arranged for employee training to ensure that employees understood how to remain within compliance. Her experience as an internal auditor and credit analyst at a large bank gives her additional insight into the inner working of financial institutions.



AML Expert in Latvia
AML, CTF, compliance,
international trade, logistics


Located in Riga, Kalvis has extensive international experience in the field of AML, foreign trade, logistics, investments, and new control systems. He has worked inter alia in the Legal Department and Department of International Trade at the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has been Deputy Director General at the State Revenue Service, and has been Head of Representative Office in Kazakhstan of the Latvian Investment and Development Agency. Moreover, Kalvis has a keen interest and long practical experience in business development and restructuring. He is an expert in Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and he is a founder of the Latvian Logistics Association. Kalvis has written more than 100 publications in business newspapers and magazines and given lectures in various legal aspects such as domestic and international trade, tax, VAT, AML, shadow economy, insolvency, logistics & customs issues, shareholders disputes, debt collection aspects, investment issues, and restructuring of companies.