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Complok teams up with Time & Place Consulting

Complok and Time & Place Consulting team up to provide a 360° service capacity in AML/KYC, fraud-prevention, cyber security and data protection.

Mari-Liis Kurg & Glenn Cezanne

On 16 March 2021, COMPLOK Ltd (COMPLOK) and Time & Place Consulting (T&P) entered an agreement to cooperate closely with a view of expanding service capacities and geographic outreach. Areas of cooperation include consultancy and training programmes on anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing, cryptocurrencies, fintech and compliance, especially in light of the ongoing policy and regulatory discussions at national, EU and global levels.

With its expertise in the financial sector and compliance, COMPLOK will strengthen T&P’s ability to provide holistic solutions to customer demands in areas such as compliance training and regulatory affairs and, will expand its satellite network to Estonia. COMPLOK, a globally recognised boutique company, will be able to call upon T&P’s strong network of high-level consultants from across the globe, especially in strategic communications to complement client needs in having an impact on decision-making.

The first steps of cooperation will focus on providing professional online and “classroom” training, a thorough curriculum developed by COMPLOK tailored to the highest legislation requirements globally. The topics of training are AML/KYC, sanctions, fraud prevention, data protection, and cyber security suitable for anyone and any organisation subject to the relevant regulation.

From an organisational perspective, the cooperation will have the following structure:

  • The core management team of the cooperation and relevant clients will comprise of Mari-Liis Kurg, Co-Founder and CEO of COMPLOK, Maarja-Liisa Soe, Head of Communications & External Affairs at COMPLOK, Glenn Cezanne, Founder and Managing Director of T&P, and Joachim Marnitz, Senior Strategic Advisor of T&P.

  • Mari-Liis Kurg will join Time & Place Consulting as Senior AML Associate

  • Glenn Cezanne will join COMPLOK Ltd as Executive Partner

"With the range of clients knocking at our door, we wanted to find a partner organisation that would furnish additional complementary services and geographic presence to provide the complete service portfolio for our client needs. Our current and prospective clients are operating in markets defined by technology-embracing regulation and need support in the highest integrity level. Therefore, we're happy to partner with T&P's excellent team and benefit together from its professional capacities in strategic communications, lobbying and reputation management. "

Mari-Liis Kurg

Co-Founder and CEO of COMPLOK Ltd

"I am more than delighted that COMPLOK Ltd, a new but already globally recognised brand, has decided to partner with us. Especially with the expertise of Mari-Liis and her team, I think that our portfolios and ability to integrate services as T&P & COMPLOK in the digital and financial sectors are more than compatible, not least with COMPLOK’s expertise in risk management, law enforcement and anti-money laundering. There is a sense of poetry that AML also stands for Ask Mari-Liis.!

Glenn Cezanne

Founder and Managing Director of Time & Place Consulting

About Time & Place Consulting

T&P is a strategic communications and public affairs agency which brings together a Europe-wide network of experts in government relations, legal affairs, association management, EU funding, and reputation management.

The select network includes former political decision-makers, Commission officials, association Directors and multinational CEOs, as well as award-winning lawyers. The consultancy combines tacit knowledge, sectoral expertise and professional prowess to give tailored and holistic solutions.

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