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Corporate e-learning brings compliance training to the next level

Because of Covid-19 we all have become familiar with working and studying remotely. Today’s education system has quickly accelerated its acceptance of e-learning since the pandemic started. The size of the global market for e-learning is expected to show double-digit growth in the next five years, according to a comprehensive study. Growth in the corporate learning segment will outpace growth in the academic segment for the next seven years.

AML training is crucial for employees in the financial sector

At the same time, Europe is stepping up its fight against money laundering. All actors will face increasingly tight regulation and supervision in the years ahead. Your staff will be required to meet specific requirements so that they can recognize when funds gained from illegal activities are disguised. Money Laundering is a financial crime itself and also is a potential indicator of terrorist funding, financial crimes and other global crimes.

Knowledge and awareness of AML requirements is crucial for employees in the financial sector. Providing them regularly with an up-to-date AML training is mandatory by law. Financial institutions risk financial penalties if they don’t train their employees regularly. Today’s landscape of training service providers is fragmented and it’s difficult to find consistent quality training about AML topics that are relevant for your company’s specific needs.

A customizable e-learning compliance tool

A very significant number of people - more than five million, according to Eurostat - are active in Europe’s financial sector. Regulation requires all of them to go through anti-money laundering training annually in order to prevent financial crime. A customizable e-learning compliance tool such as provided by Complok makes it relatively straightforward to keep your employees up to date with regulations and to get the new staff members certified, without burdening your team leads or HR department. You need a system that enables assigning quality training to an unlimited number of employees and lets you retrieve an overview of the progress at any given moment.

Complok offers Anti-Money Laundering e-learning courses created by experts with profound knowledge of today’s and tomorrow’s compliance requirements, and who have gained experience at financial institutions exposed to major AML scandals in Europe. Our mission is to increase compliance awareness by delivering professional anti-money laundering e-courses so that employees at financial institutions become familiar with the process of money laundering and the laws that make it a crime.

Our e-learning courses are designed to strengthen AML, KYC, CTF and sanctions compliance capacities according to EU and FATF rules and standards. We provide tailor-made AML courses, specific industry-based expertise and customized AML training. Want to hear more? Book a demo:


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