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Complok became a member of FinanceEstonia

FinanceEstonia is a financial sector representative organization dedicated to bolstering Estonia's economy. By fostering financial sector innovation and development and promoting the export of financial services, FinanceEstonia plays an important role in supporting the nation's financial landscape.

By becoming a member of FinanceEstonia, Complok is fully committed to contributing to the growth of Estonia's fintech sector and advancing our mission of increasing compliance awareness.

Established in 2011, FinanceEstoniare represents nearly 100 members and collaborates closely with stakeholders to create an attractive and competitive local ecosystem.

FinanceEstonia's primary focus areas include Capital Markets, Credit Providers, Crowdfunding, FinTech, and International Private Banking. Their mission is to showcase Estonia's strengths in these domains on the global stage.

FinanceEstonia wrote an interview with us to introduce Complok as their newest member( in Estonian).

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