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Enterprise-Wide Risk Assessment Tool

for risk management teams across regulated sectors

Risk management organisation, incl. compliance teams, is responsible for day-to-day operation of the risk assessment process and can benefit from a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool. Complok has designed a software solution which saves time for compliance teams by automating the workload, enabling flexible data processing, designing automated input for reporting, and keeping the records of the work done



The Complok Financial Crime Risk Assessment Tool allows the firms to:


Operate the internal risk assessment process through single software solution. Risk assessment process is the backbone of the firm’s efficient and risk-based systems and controls framework.


Identify and keep record of the identified threats and vulnerabilities inherent to the firm’s business. This would be the initial step for establishing an adequate risk register for the firm.


Run the risk assessment exercise in a semi-automated solution. It is important for any firm to be able to design the risk assessment scoring model appropriate to its business and size. The Complok tool makes the compliance work faster and more convenient by automating certain steps in the risk assessment process, especially the risk scoring itself.


Operate and record risk management activities by establishing and running treatment actions and monitoring activities. Compliance monitoring plan is an essential tool for every compliance team and it directly derives from and contributes to the overall risk assessment process.


Extract easily reports and conclusions as input for the Management Information package or for responding to external enquiries. Well-structured information assists the decision makers in drawing conclusions and making decisions. Supervisory authorities expect to receive information that proves the efficiency and adequacy of the internal risk assessment framework.

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