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Fraud Prevention Training

This Fraud Prevention training course is designed to help those who work in regulated financial sectors and want to enhance their knowledge. Duration: 3 hours Participation fee 259 € + VAT per person The training is offered both in English and in Estonian

Fraud Prevention Training

Time & Location

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About the Event

In this training you will learn about:

  • Legal environment and how to comply with physical security in external regulations guidelines, standards (ISO), industry based standards (SWIFT)
  • Physical security to support working environment (Physiological Hazards,Occupational Health and Safety Act, fire safety)
  • Physical security to prevent fraud (PSD2/payment fraud, customer to customer fraud)
  • Physical security to prevent cybercrime (Cybersecurity Act, EU directive 2016/1148, non-payment related cybercrimes)
  • Due Diligence and Background checks (employees, vendors, vendor employees, external consultants)
  • Human Resource, team leaders – how to avoid recruitment fraud and physiological hazards
  • Facility management in financial institution – how to comply with physical security requirements
  • Front line, remote customer support, AML – how to recognize customer to customer fraud, fraud and physical security threats against employer and employees 

Duration: 3 hours

Lecturer: Mari-Liis Kurg

Participation fee: 259 € + VAT per person.

All participants will receive certification.

Outcomes of the training:

After completing the training, the participant:

  • is aware that fraud prevention is a internationally regulated process; 
  • understands the activities that can reduce the risk of fraud in the physical and virtual work environment; 
  • associates the need for compliance measures to prevent fraud; 
  • understands the fraud prevention activities of the first line of defense.

Duration of the training:

4 Academical Hours (45 minutes), out of which 90% is lecture and 10% independent work

Learning environment:

Webinar. Interactive lecture

Requirements for passing the training:

The certificate of completing the training will be given after the passage of the knowledge test by answering correctly more than 80% of the questions.

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