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Counter Terrorism Financing Training

The training is offered both in English and in Estonian.

Counter Terrorism Financing Training

Time & Location

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About the Event

  • Background of terrorism financing
  • What is counter terrorism financing?
  • What are the three steps of terrorism financing?
  • What is the difference between terrorist financing and money laundering?
  • What is the role of financial institutions in the fight against terrorism?
  • EU action against money laundering and terrorist financing
  • CFT typologies and high-risk indicators
  • Reporting obligation

Outcomes of the training:

After completing the training, the participant:

  • understands that terrorist financing consists of several stages; 
  • associates the need for compliance measures to prevent terrorist financing; 
  • is aware that the fight against terrorist financing is a process that is regulated internationally; 
  • distinguishes money laundering and terrorist financing.

Duration of the training:

4 Academical Hours (45 minutes), out of which 90% is lecture and 10% independent work

Learning environment:

Webinar. Interactive lecture.

Requirements for passing the training:

The certificate of completing the training will be given after the passage of the knowledge test by answering correctly more than 80% of the questions.

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