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AML/KYC Light Training ENG

This Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) training course is designed to help those who work in regulated financial sectors (including Crypto Companies) and desire to enhance their knowledge. Duration: 4 hours. Participation fee 259. Speaker Mari-Liis Kurg.
AML/KYC Light Training ENG

Time & Location

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About the Event

In this training you will learn about:

  • Risk management and legal environment: Risk management, line of defence functions, MLRO, AML program, risk assessment, standards, regulations, directives, laws, guidelines.
  • Know Your Customer: Definitions, minimum data, customer life cycle monitoring, customer risk assessment, implementation of due diligence measures.
  • Financial crime: Types of crime, predicate offense of money laundering, types of sanctions, terrorist financing, current trends.
  • Prevention of money laundering in practice: Business relationship ongoing monitoring, suspicious transaction vs. unusual transaction, non-transparent transactions, reporting to Financial Intelligence Unit, case studies on the basis of public sources.

Duration: 3 hours. Speaker Mari-Liis Kurg.

Target group: All AML Staff.

Participation fee 259 € per person.

All participants will receive certification.

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