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AML/KYC Fundamentals Course

This Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) training course is designed to help those who work in regulated financial sectors (including Crypto Companies) and desire to enhance their knowledge. Duration: 3 hours. Speaker Mari-Liis Kurg.

AML/KYC Fundamentals Course

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About the Event

Money Laundering is the process of disguising the origin of funds obtained from illegal activities. Money Laundering itself is a financial crime and can be a potential indicator of terrorist funding, international criminal networks and various global crimes. Therefore, the knowledge and awareness of AML is crucial for the employees of the financial sector.

In this training you will learn about:

  • Risk management and legal environment: Risk management, line of defence functions, MLRO, AML program, risk assessment, standards, regulations, directives, laws, guidelines.
  • Know Your Customer: Definitions, minimum data, customer life cycle monitoring, customer risk assessment, implementation of due diligence measures.
  • Financial crime: Types of crime, predicate offense of money laundering, types of sanctions, terrorist financing, current trends.
  • Prevention of money laundering in practice: Business relationship ongoing monitoring, suspicious transaction vs. unusual transaction, non-transparent transactions, reporting to Financial Intelligence Unit, case studies on the basis of public sources.

Lecturer: Mari-Liis Kurg.

Target group: All AML Staff.

Participation fee €259 + VAT per person.

All participants will receive certification.

Outcomes of the training:

After completing the training, the participant:

  • understands that money laundering consists of several stages;
  • ussociates the need to apply know-your-customer and other compliance measures to prevent money laundering;
  • is aware that anti-money laundering is regulated on an international level;
  • associates the design of lines of defense with organisation´s management;
  • distinguishes between money laundering and terrorist financing.

Duration of the training:

4 Academical Hours (45 minutes), out of which 90% is lecture and 10% independent work

Learning environment:

Webinar. Interactive lecture

Requirements for passing the training:

The certificate of completing the training will be given after the passage of the knowledge test by answering correctly more than 80% of the questions.

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