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Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism Financing Fundamentals E-course

Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing training is designed for financial sector employees to broaden their knowledge in the field of AML and to better understand the regulatory environment. Course duration: 1.5 h Lecturer: Mari-Liis Kurg

Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism Financing Fundamentals E-course

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About the Event

Money Laundering is the process of disguising the origin of funds obtained from illegal activities. Money Laundering itself is a financial crime and can be a potential indicator of terrorist funding, international criminal networks and various global crimes. Therefore, the knowledge and awareness of AML is crucial for the employees of the financial sector.

Course duration: 1.5 h

Lecturer: Mari-Liis Kurg


Up to 10 employees 49 € per employee

Up to 50 employees 39 € per employee

More than 50 employees price upon agreement

Course content: 


  • What is money laundering?
  • Different sources of illegal money
  • Stages of money laundering

PART I : Risk Governance

  • Risk governance
  • Risk management and three lines of defence model
  • Compliance background and function
  • Effective AML program
  • Anti-money laundering compliance officer
  • Assessing risks & applying risk-based approach
  • Concept of risk appetite atatement
  • Anti-money laundering prevention process

PART II : Industry standards

  • AML legislation framework and Regulation hierarchy
  • Relevant laws and regulations and AML directives

PART III : Know Your Customer

  • Know your customer KYC procedures
  • Main terms and definitions
  • Customer due diligence CDD and record keeping
  • Politically exposed person PEP
  • Ultimate beneficial owner UBO
  • Source of wealth and source of funds
  • Implementation of customer due diligence

PART IV : Financial Crime

  • Financial crime
  • Stages of money laundering
  • Predicate offences
  • Financial sanctions
  • Terrorism financing

PART V : High Risk Indicators

  • Suspicion of money laundering
  • Suspicious behaviour& suspicious activity
  • Suspicious transactions
  • High risk countries and territories
  • High risk indicators
  • Other risk elements
  • Non-transparent transactions

Outcomes of the training: 

After completing the training, the participant: 

  • understands that money laundering consists of several stages;
  • ussociates the need to apply know-your-customer and other compliance measures to prevent money laundering;
  • is aware that anti-money laundering is regulated on an international level;
  • associates the design of lines of defense with organisation´s management;
  • distinguishes between money laundering and terrorist financing.

Duration of the training:

2 Academical Hours (45 minutes), out of which 90% is lecture and 10% independent work.

Learning environment:

The training takes place on an e-learning platform and can be done at a time and place suitable for you. There are quizzes between each part of the training and a knowledge test at the end of the training.

Requirements for passing the training: 

The certificate of completing the training will be given after the passage of the knowledge test by answering correctly more than 80% of the questions. 

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