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Digital learning platform

AML Premium Training for AML compliance officers

🎉September Special: Enjoy a 50% discount on the regular price! It is a comprehensive training course containing 8 parts and it is dedicated for AML compliance officers, specialists or board members who would like to gain in depth knowledge.

AML Premium Training for AML compliance officers
AML Premium Training for AML compliance officers

Time & Location

Training is accessable immediately

Digital learning platform

About the event

Duration: 2 weeks program

Lecturer: Mari-Liis Kurg

Price per module:  125€+ VAT

Price for the full course: 899€ + VAT

Participant will receive certification after successfully passing 2 home assignments and final EXAM

The course consists of 8 modules on a digital learning platform, 2 individual home assignments, 2 live Q&A sessions, and a final exam.

  • Module 1 Culture of Compliance and AML program: compliance background, AML program, business risk assessment, risk appetite statement, non-financial risks, customer risk assessment, customer verification, AML compliance officer duties and responsibilities, the culture of compliance, 3LoD, IT tools
  • Module 2 Legal Environment: hierarchy, FATF, EU and local laws, standards, regulations, AMLA, supervisory body guidelines, internal policies and procedures
  • Module 3 KYC Program:  due diligence, enhanced due diligence, customer risk assessment,  transaction screening, ongoing transaction and customer monitoring, specifics of PEPs and UBOs, source of wealth and funds, high-risk indicators
  • Module 4 Data Requirements: storage requirements, data collection, GDPR requirements, data repository, data quality

Live Q&A session

1st Home Assignment

  • Module 5 Financial Crime and Sanctions: money laundering, predicate crime, terrorism financing, history of fighting financial crime, international sanctions, sanctioned countries, terrorism financing, terrorist organizations and attacks, crypto crimes
  • Module 6 Different types of virtual assets, recent changes in the law, reporting and supervisory: Blockchain structure and features, virtual assets, MiCA, AML Law, supervisory body (FSA, FIU, EBA, AMLA), SARs
  • Module 7 Risk Management:  3LoD, business risk assessment, AML risk assessment, risk appetite statement, product risk assessment, geographical risk assessment
  • Module 8 Practical Workshop and Case Studies: what went wrong, biggest ML cases analysis, we will learn how to prepare a risk appetite statement, risk assessment, product risk assessment, operational risks, geographical risk

Live Q&A session

2nd Home Assignment

1 on 1 EXAM

Outcome of the training:

After completing the training, the participant should be able to work as an AML compliance officer and knows:

  • General aspects of crypto AML compliance
  • AML compliance program
  • Role of AML compliance
  • How to assess risks in FI and prepare risk appetite
  • Understand the importance of risk governance and legal environment
  • How to perform customer risk assessment
  • What IT tools can be used in order to prevent money laundering
  • What constitutes a financial crime
  • Different types of sanctions
  • What are practical tools for combating money laundering in crypto companies

Learning environment: Webinar. Interactive lecture.

Length of the training:

50 Academic Hours (45 minutes) out of which 35 % is lecture and 65% independent work.

Requirements for passing the training:

The certificate for completing the training will be given after the passage of the knowledge test by answering correctly more than 60% of the questions.

We keep the right to change the course program if needed.

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